Dolson team was very professional, timely and proactive in their work. Our job was handled in a professional manner. They delivered within the time frame. The team was always keeping us briefed. I would really recommend them. If you are looking for professionals in this job then you do not need to go anywhere else!

Deepna Shah, AON Tanzania

As far as product selection and customized service goes in soft furnishings, Dolson’s has no real match in Tanzania. They worked with us to select blinds for all our offices, and the level of personalized service was indeed commendable. At one point, they realized that some sizes were mistaken due to wrong measurements, and they handled the re-making at their cost with no excuses. Working with Dolson has been a wonderful experience, one that I would recommend.

Shabir Abji, AJ Group

I bought my first SleepTime pocket-spring bedset four years ago, and the standing joke at Dolson’s is – I order a SleepTime product every time they talk to me on the phone (which probably explains why they like ringing me up). Needless to say, the SleepTime bedding product is a superior product that I use, and which I have promoted among my family and friends extensively.

Rashid Malima, PRIDE Tanzania

One of the places you have to visit when furnishing your house is Dolson Interiors. Especially people who would like to differentiate in their interior design to their neighbors will meet a team who is listening and advising in finding something unique. If you are new in Tanzania then do not waste your time to search. Traffic jam to the shops and zero service in many of them will get you frustrated. Go straight to Dolson Interiors and find the solutions for your house. You can design the forms, mix fabrics and colors until you are happy with the results.

Christian Reichel, Country Manager ECOM